So I know it's been a while since either Savannah or I have done outfit photos. We are a little rusty, but had a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things. For this look, we wanted to show typical outfits we might wear during the week when we need to go out with the babies. These looks are comfortable, easy for nursing, and keep us feeling chic without much effort. We both typically wear our hair up during the day while working since it's better out of reach for little hands. :) Savannah likes to tie hers up with a hair scarf or pin it in a bun and I like to pull mine back in a braid or into a twisted chignon sort of do. 

Savannah is wearing: Scarf - Target // Kimono - Forever21 // White Tank - Target // No Sweat Pants - c/o Seamly // Boots - Forever21 // Watch - Fossil
Soren is wearing: Batman Shirt - Baby Gap // Lighting Bolt Leggings - Brickyard Buffalo 

Jenny is wearing: Pants - Target // Deerskin Moccasins - Minnetonka // Lace Top - Forever21 // Lace Kimono - TJMaxx // Georgia Necklace - Oh So Antsy 
Rowan is wearing: It's a Brave New World Shirt - BabyGap // Striped Shorts - Carter's // Shoes - Carter's



Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae 
You Can Also Find Jenny Here: Instagram // Pinterest // MooreaSeal 


One of my all-time favorite ways to add a "pop" to any look is a bold, beautiful lip color. Most of you know that I LOVE rocking a bright red lip. I have more tubes of red lipstick than I know what to do with! This summer, Jenny and I wanted to try out a few different, bright lip colors that really reflected summertime! We came across a semi-new company called BIte Beauty that has natural, non-toxic, food-grade lip colors. They have a gorgeous selection of colors and we love their buttery, high-pigment lip pencils. I'm a super big fan of supporting companies that work towards creating safe and awesome products for their customers.

I've always loved the way a simple and less dramatic eye looks with a bright, bold lip. I think this look is easily applicable to everyday wear and can be easily worn in a casual setting or a night out, especially if you just deepen the color of your lipstick! Below we are sharing two ways we like to rock a bright lip!


This has been one of my favorite looks for the summer. I love wearing this shimmery, bright eye with a light cat eye-liner, and lightly flushed cheek. Wearing this soft champagne look on my eyes makes it really easy to wear any lip color I want and it looks great during the day and evening. I'm all about an easy and bright look! 

For this look I filled in my brows using a dark brown shadow. My favorite is Sandstone from the Stila "In the Light" palette. For an eye base, I used R.S.V.P creaseless cream shadow by Benefit which is GREAT and stays on beautifully throughout the day. Afterward, I sprayed my brush with MAC's Quick Fix Plus and put on a good amount of Blonde Streak pressed pigment from MAC. This shadow adds such a gorgeous glow and the Quick Fix Plus creates almost a metallic look on the eye. I highlight under my brows and in the corners of my eyes with Stila's Kitten and that's all for shadow! I love using Tarte's Amazonian Clay cream liner and the new L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara on my top and lower lashes. For the face I am a die-hard fan of the Beauty Blender to blend out my foundation. I'm currently using Covergirl's Outlast 3-in-1 foundation in Ivory and Benefit's Boiing concealer in Light. I finish off my face with Bliss blush by Tarte and finally, the lips! I love using a liner and my favorite trick is using a nude liner to really define the shape of the lip and help prevent your lipstick from feathering. I finished off the look with Bite Beauty high-pigment lip color in Zinfandel, a beautiful electric coral. I love how this look manages to be soft, glowy, AND bold! 


This look also rocks a neutral eye but with a twist! We loved how this rosy lip color paired with the green shadow we used on Jenny's eyes. Gorgeous! For those of you that are looking to wear a bold lip but want a little more punch of fun, give this look a try!

Jenny used Bliss and Bubbly all over her lids from the Stila "In the Light" palette. She did a thin line over the entire eye and followed it out with a little bit of a cat-tail for her eye-liner. She loves using Maybelline's Master Precise liner in black and their Pumped Up Colossal mascara. To finish off the eye look, Jenny blended a beautiful "Gusty Green" from Maybelline under her eyes. I just love how the little pop of color brings out her hazel eyes so beautifully. For the face, Jenny uses Mary Kay's Timewise foundation in Ivory and Bare Minerals blush in "Vintage Peach". To finish it off she used Bite Beauty's high-pigment lip color in Tart. I love how perfectly fresh and summery this looks, especially with that floral kimono! 

Alright! Time to go rock some fun lip colors this summer! If you're not sure what colors look good on you I totally recommend taking a friend to your local beauty shop like Ulta, Sephora or a MAC counter and trying on different colors. You can play with colors without the commitment of buying anything and have someone there to give you their honest opinion. Have fun! xox -Sav


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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Hello, friends, and welcome to one of many new post series we'll be doing on the new blog! Coffee Talk Weekly is a way for us to share fun, interesting facts about ourselves and give you a little update on what's going on in our lives! Each week, we'll highlight a different fact about ourselves or answer a fun question with this week being our favorite summer coffee picks! We'll also each share a little paragraph about what's going on at the Highsmith and Wallace households and finally, we'll be sharing a few favorite links from around the inter-webs. A fun way to kick off the beginning of the week, eh?! :) 



Even in the summer, I typically enjoy a hot coffee beverage over a cold one. For some reason, even if it's 90 degrees outside, a hot coffee just makes me so happy :) However, if it's July in Georgia, that means the weather has turned to 150% humidity and your skin feels like it's dripping off of your face. So, when that happens, I go for something cold. My favorite cold drink is a Green Tea Frappuccino with caramel drizzle on top... just to be snazzy. I really like my coffee black and my drinks are usually pretty boring - like a regular latte or cappuccino. So this Green Tea Frappuccino is perfect for someone who isn't all about ordering a white mocha-latte extra whip, extra sweet, candy-flavored drink. It's more for those who prefer their coffee to actually taste like coffee... except that this doesn't taste like coffee at all... okay bad analogy. You know what I mean. ;)


Drew and I have been having a blast with Rowan as he nears the 3 month mark. This stage is our favorite so far... and SO much easier than the first 2 months. He is constantly smiling, cooing, giggling, and this week he has started to roll over! He has such a wonderful disposition - always so calm and happy to just be alive. I love it! Please don't hurt me... but he has even started sleeping up to 10-12 hours some nights. Don't worry, we have our fair share of other issues. ;)

Saturday, Drew let me get out of the house for a few hours and it was SPECTACULAR! I felt like a new woman. It's amazing what a little bit of alone time exploring or walking around can do for your brain. We've had so much fun learning how to be parents together and we are constantly working on how to take good care of each other and make sure that we stay sane. 

As for me, I'm really pumped about this new season of life! The Maiedae site launch was thrilling and I'm working really hard to lose my extra mommy weight. I can't wait to fit into my clothes again! My body still looks really strange to me... kind of like extra curves in all the wrong places. But, hey, that's okay. Because I made a human! And that's awesome! My family is planning a trip to the mountains in early September and I am really hoping for a beach trip in late October. :)


1. Love this t-shirt from Look Human. This is how I feel on the inside most days. :)
2. Emily Steffan got it right with this cake topper. I'm thinking we need this for the Maiedae Mixer!!! 
3. I'm in love with this free printable wrapping paper from Maiko Nagao. Perfect for last-minute gift wrapping or even for decorating! 



The Cinnamon Dolce Latte is my usual go-to drink during the fall and winter, but when it's too hot for a hot, hot beverage I love having my favorite drink blended! I also have a HUGE sweet-tooth so my coffee picks are usually always sweet and fluffy. Pretty much dessert. ;) Also, I usually always get a tall and hardly every finish it, Jenny always gives me a round of applause if I actually finish a coffee drink. (Except for when I was pregnant with Soren... I had no problem finishing a tall or a grande.) ;)


Life is good in the Wallace abode! Soren is nearing 6 months (what?!) and he's busy, busy. He's learned how to roll, sit, get in the crawling position, and scoot. He is SO CLOSE to being able to crawl and wants to so badly. We've recently gone through the adventure of transiting him out of our room and into his own crib. It was a little tricky at first but we made it and he's sleeping so much better at night. I've also been able to have a little more "me" time or time with Jon in the evenings after he goes to bed and it's so refreshing. I've been sleeping better, so that's completely amazing, too! 

Jon and I have been working on our home, visiting with friends and family, and continuing to learn about parenthood and how this changes the dynamic of our relationship. I absolutely love seeing Jon as a father and I love being a parent with him. So much. 

I turned 26 on the 7th and am actually really excited about getting closer to my 30's. I've been watching a lot of "New Girl", "Bones", "House", and "Boy Meets World" lately. AND I'm so, so, so happy about this new transition for Maiedae. I love blogging with Jenny and working hard on creating great content as well as challenging myself more creatively. :) 


1. Jon and I are pretty big fans of Weird Al. He recently came out with a new album and I'm really loving his song "Tacky" and the music video that goes along with it. So great. Also, Jack Black. 
2. Citrus Lane is quickly becoming one of my favorite mommy/baby subscription box services. I love the brands they feature and the fun toys for Soren.
3. Fluffernutter cookie sandwiches, omg. Making these asap! 


Authors: Savannah Wallace & Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae
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Our giveaway celebration week is coming to a close, but that just means we get to dive into our new blog content starting Monday! We've got so many fun and beautiful posts planned for you! Ahh! I can't wait! 


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Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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Ever since I started the print shop, my love for it has grown more and more. I'm so happy to have merged my shop into a piece of Maiedae. The shop started as a way for me to create artwork that encouraged and inspired those I loved. Then it grew to me selling these pieces online as well as creating some unique designs for other shops, including Moorea's online store. The more prints I create and send out, the more I'm inspired and excited to create more!!! :D It's a great feeling to be making art again and I can't explain how excited I am for the vision I have for the shop as it grows! 

P.S. If you own one of my art prints, I'd love to see how you've displayed it! Tag a photo of it on Instagram with #maiedaemakes and - who knows! - your photo may get featured on our site or on our Instagram ;)

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Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae 
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Last year we had such an incredible time planning and preparing for the first annual Maiedae Mixer. One of my favorite things we did was decide that every year we would pick a different theme that would be used to determine what the food and decorations looked like as well as give attendees an idea of how to dress for the occasion :) This year, we are excited to announce that our theme for the 2014 Maiedae Mixer is: YOU'RE GOLDEN. So start preparing to dress to show us just how golden you are! 


We are busy having so much fun preparing for the Mixer and we would absolutely love to see you there! This year's Mixer will be on Saturday, September 20th from 6:00-9:00pm at Ambient Plus Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a "Get Fancy, Get Connected" (as we like to call it) networking event for bloggers with delicious food, great music, swag bags, giveaways, crafting time, photo-booth...and a couple more surprises in store for the 2nd annual Mixer!! It's a time to pamper yourself, meet creatives and best of all, dress up! We are only selling 80 tickets, so be sure to get yours before they sell out!

Want to know more about the Maiedae Mixer? We have a whole section of Mixer information on this site including: event information, how to purchase your ticket, photos from last year's mixer, and ways that you can be a part of this year's Mixer

To help us celebrate our launch week, we are giving away a ticket to this year's Maiedae Mixer to one lucky winner! All you have to do is enter the giveaway below. The winner will be chosen within the week. Good luck to everyone!!!

It's going to be a party you don't want to miss! I hope to meet you there! xo Jenny


Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae 
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Hey, everybody!! We hope you have had time to look around the new site and that you really love what you see so far. :) As Savannah said earlier, we are thrilled about this new adventure and are so excited about the posts we have planned for you! We have been hugging, dancing, and jumping for joy today at this momentous occasion ...well without music or talking because we have 2 babies napping at the same time -- which calls for a party in itself. ;)

To help celebrate, we are excited to give away a 16GB iPad mini to one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter the giveaway below for your chance to win. The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only and the winner will be chosen within the week. 

Check back tomorrow for another giveaway and a special announcement about the Maiedae Mixer! We wish you all the best of luck and thanks again for making this launch day such a special celebration :) xo Jenny


Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae 
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