My sweet boy. A few weeks ago, my once little (okay, not really, he's always been a chunky monkey) baby boy turned one. I still can't believe he's walking around, jabbering in his own little language and obsessed with cars and anything that's outside :) We had a little celebration that weekend with family and friends on our back deck and here are the photos I promised to share with you.


Thanks so much to Sarah for capturing the day. I'm gonna go get these photos printed tomorrow!!


Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Sarah Harms Photography
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1. Cultivate - Whether things are going amazing or things are a little rough, never stop cultivating a healthy marriage and taking time for growth. Keep a thrive mentality! Jon and I try to do this by attending yearly marriage retreats and going on mini one-on-one getaways to really focus on each other, talk about ways to improve and challenge ourselves in marriage. 

2. Date Your Spouse (Seriously!) - This is one of the best things we've done in our marriage and a practice we've had part of our week for over 7 years. By dating I don't always mean going out and spending money and worrying about a sitter, but what I DO mean is setting aside an evening once a week and spending intentional time together. Every Wednesday after Soren goes to bed Jon and I have date night. Sometimes we have someone come stay and keep an ear out for Soren while we go out to dinner, but more often then not we just spend time together at home. We have a meal together, we watch a movie, we talk. This is our non-negotiable time together each week and we love it. Because we've been doing it for so long friends and family have learned to expect that we don't schedule stuff on Wednesdays. We do our best to hold that time together as sacred no matter how busy and crazy stuff gets. Every once in awhile we have to schedule it for a different day but the goal here is to make intentional time a priority and part of your weekly schedule. :) 

3. If One Person "Wins", You Both Loose - Marriage is a team mentality. It's about choosing to selflessly love, encourage and support another person. It's about walking side-by-side through a lifetime together and as a team. It's not about winning a fight, being right, pushing buttons, manipulation and control. This is your best friend, your cheerleader, your teammate! 

4. Babies Change Things - I'm sure you've heard this, probably from everyone in the world. ;) Well, it's true. Babies DO change things. There is definitely an adjustment going from no babies to having kids. It changes your lifestyle, it changes your priorities. This is a good thing and a beautiful thing! It's also important to remember that babies don't fix things and make a rocky marriage better, but if your marriage is based on a loving "team" mentality like we chatted about above, kids can make things so much richer and beautiful. Also, it's still possible to date your spouse even with kids so don't let that slip through the cracks! It becomes even more important to have time together after kids comes into the picture. :)

5. Learn About Each Other - Always be a student of your spouse. Learn about them, their heart, their goals, their fears, how they think, what they need, how they express love, their strengths, their weaknesses, their quirks. It's amazing how gaining a true understanding of another person gives you so much more empathy, patience and love for them. It leads to so many less arguments and misunderstandings! We studied things like StrengthsFinder, Enneagram and Spiritual Gifts in college and that was an incredible springboard for us to learn about ourselves and each other as well as have the language to communicate those things. 

Do you have any "best practices" and tips to add!? Please feel free to share in the comments below. :) Happy almost Summer friends! xox  


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Kellie Kano
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So many of you attended last year's amazing Maiedae Mixer at the gorgeous Ambient Plus Studio in the heart of Atlanta. I'm always amazed every year at how many out-of-state folks show up - it's thrilling!! We wanted to give those of you on the fence a few more reasons why YOU should come to the Mixer this fall (Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 6:00-9:00PM) and why you should plan to come now instead of later.

First of all, let's just reminisce over some of last year's beautiful moments, shall we?


Ahh... I can't wait!! Okay. But you might be thinking, "What's in this for me?" Well, here's a few things:

1. // CONNECTIONS - Meeting people in the same walk of life as you is invaluable. At the Mixer, you'll get to meet dozens of other women who are creative and connected in the online world. You'll get to hang out in fancy clothes together, chat over good food, and by the end of the night potentially have a new friend. I always think it's so much better to meet people in person and the Mixer is the perfect place to do just that. And don't worry, it's not awkward. We provide plenty of DIYs, mingling, food, and other things to make conversations feel more natural.

2. // TONS OF FREE STUFF! - The swag bags and raffle items are pretty much the bomb-diggity every year. Last year, we had items from Rifle Paper Co, Kelly Moore Bags, Emily Jeffords, Minnetonka, Lulu's and so many others!! We keep getting raffle prizes in the mail and I'm like, "aww man... I really wish I could win that!" The swag bags are each easily worth over $150!

3. // FOOD - Both years, we've had plenty of food to go around and it's always YUM!

4. // FUN - The Mixer is so much FUN! If you'd like to have a girl's night out, this it it. Besides the swag, raffles, and food, there's a photo booth, dress and jewels swap, music, and several interactive booths with take-home crafts. You'll have such a great time, you'll want to make a road trip out of it every year.

5. // DRESSING UP - In case you're unaware, each year the Mixer has a theme to go along with it. This year, the theme is Film Noir or Old Hollywood. I feel like it's rare that we get the opportunity to dress up according to a theme and go to a party. It's definitely a special occasion and so much fun to get ready for! I've put together a list of outfit inspiration to give you a head start on your own ideas :)


So why not just wait until later? Well...

1. // EARLY BIRD PRICING - Until August 1st, the ticket price is $99, but after that it will rise to $150 due to costs we have to pay to make the event happen. So registering early will save you $50 which you could put towards putting together an awesome outfit ;)

2. // PLATINUM SWAG - The first 25 people to register get Platinum Swag bags with extra goodies! We still have a few of these spots left so buy your ticket now!!

I really hope you'll join us!! :)



Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Photographs by Meg
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