We are currently in Texas but wanted to drop in real quick to post another outfit shoot from our time in Greenville! We fully intended on snapping a few outfit photos while we are in Texas but weather is calling for rain and we didn't want to bring the DSLR. We've got some more outfit shoots and fun collaborations planned for the near future, so stay tuned! 

WHAT SAVANNAH WORE:  1. // Hat - Target 2. // Cream & Laced Top - Forever21 3. // Flowy Cardigan - c/o Seamly.co 4. // Acid Wash Skirt - Francescas 5. // Boots - Blowfish Shoes 6. // Blue Stone Necklace - Urban Outfitters 

WHAT JENNY WORE: 1. // Blue Lace Top - Thrifted 2. // Camel Cardigan - Old Navy 3. // Jeans - Old Navy 4. // Earrings - Roots & Feathers 5. // Black Boots - c/o Rack Room Shoes 

Hope you are having a wonderful week!! Lots of love! xox

Hey, everybody! We're about to leave for Texas in the morning! We can't wait to attend Texas Style Council and meet so many of you face-to-face!! xox 



Traveling and taxes have been this month's theme! Traveling is fun. Taxes are bleh and poop. One piece of business advice...if you run a small business, hire a professional CPA! It makes things so much easier. ;)

I am in the middle of packing and getting everything ready to hop on a flight with Jenny tomorrow. This will be the longest we've been away from our little ones and I'm both excited and a little anxious. I've done everything I can to prepare Jon and the grandparents, so I'm sure they'll do just fine. ;) Have we mentioned that we are partnering up with Squarespace for this conference? We have a gigantic crush on Squarespace (this site was built using Squarespace), so we are SO happy to be working with them. We also have a morning design session we are teaching at the conference and it's PACKED. It's a 7:00AM session and I cannot believe so many people signed up to attend. Hooray!! I love these types of conferences where I'm surrounded by incredible, like-minded women. It's such an inspiration! 


1. // Tips for relaxing and letting go. Also, she is my favorite. 

2. // Obsessed with this magazine. Reader supported. Real women. SO happy I subscribed! 

3. // Thinking about starting to incorporate vlogging on my channel and keeping my eye on this beautiful camera. It gets SUCH a great picture too!  



This week has been a little crazy - we are getting ready to leave for Texas Style Council in Austin and I've also been busy with things around the house, a baby whose molars are coming in, and designing and sending out Rowan's birthday invitations. I can't believe he is almost a one year old!!! *Insert shocked and exhausted face here* ;)

Besides that, I've been trying to get back into a work-out routine. Once we get back from Texas, I'm going to try doing a workout video in the morning before Rowan wakes up. Ever since the new year, I've been waking up pretty consistently around 6:00AM and since the time change, Rowan wakes up more like 7:30-8:00AM, so I have a little extra time after I do my devotions and was thinking a 30 minute workout would be perfect! I also plan to get out with Rowan and go on more walks now that it's gorgeous outside. I loved that part of our routine before the weather got too cold and I can't wait to bring it back!


1. // Loving all these office organization hacks!

2. // Savannah has me drooling over these gorgeous foiled eyeshadows!! I want them all!

3. // This is what I want to be wearing on the beach this summer. Scratch that - this is also what I want to look like on the beach this summer. Haha.


Author: Jenny Highsmith & Savannah Wallace
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We always love an excuse to get a little fancied up! Check out what we wore in Greenville during our trip attending The Makers Summit! -- PS, we never plan outfits together but we always end up coordinating somehow. ;) 

Mommy fashion in Greenville.
Mommy fashion in Greenville.
Mommy fashion in Greenville.
Mommy fashion in Greenville.

What Jenny Wore: 1. // Tribal Print Kimono - Target 2. // Lace Top - Target 3. // Jeans - Old Navy 4. // Camel Boots - Forever21 5. // Earrings - Forever21 6. // Striped Bag - Target 

Mommy fashion in Greenville.
Mommy fashion in Greenville.
Mommy fashion in Greenville.
Mommy fashion in Greenville.

What Savannah Wore: 1. // Black and White Dyed Dress - Forever21 2. // Fringe Cardigan - Forever21 3. // Blue Stone Necklace - Urban Outfitters 4. // Platform Boots - Blowfish Shoes 

We're looking forward to snapping a few outfit photos during our trip to Austin next week! What do you wear to a camp themed conference?? ;) Love you, friends! Wishing you a happy, early weekend! xox


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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