I'm so excited to share this little home update with you. When we first moved into our house one of the things I loved about it was our sunroom. I loved the windows, the location right off of the kitchen, the view of our yard and the size. Immediately after moving in we ended up turning our sunroom into the "cat room". To make a long and kinda sad story short, we are no longer cat owners. One of our little guys ran off and after searching for him for weeks, we never found him. :( Our other cat was lonely, so my parents adopted him and now he's living the pampered life and loving every second.

After this change, we decided to get to work on the sunroom and make it a room we could actually use and enjoy on a daily basis. We loved the idea of using it as a playroom for the kids. It's bright and cheerful and it's easy to still keep a good eye on them since it's on the main floor. After a good two weeks of cleaning, scrubbing, prepping and painting we finally got it to a place to start transforming it into a play room! While we haven't finished decorating or getting all of the pieces we want to include in this space, we have made it functional and perfect for now. Soren has really enjoyed sitting on the rug looking at his books and the independence of getting out the things he wants to play with. I love watching him enjoy his new room and I can't wait for his sister to enjoy it too! 

Here are a few before and after shots of the space! The first photo is from the original house listing so it includes the previous owners furniture and set-up. It's a good shot to get an idea of the entire room. I didn't have any snaps of when it was the cat room, but that's probably for the best! ;)

We plan on putting carpet down or an over-sized plush rug so we don't have to worry about any injuries on the tile. Little ones like to throw themselves around and flail so I want them to be able to do just that without getting hurt! I would love to create a special reading area with a tent, floor pillows and colorful lights/garland. I would also love to get some nice seating in this space and create a little craft area. I can really see this space evolving and changing over time.

This was one of the projects we wanted to complete before our little lady arrives so we are glad to have it in a good place! Our next projects include moving Soren into his new room, decorating the new nursery and putting together a master closet space out of one of the smaller rooms upstairs. Lots to do!! 


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photo Source: Maiedae
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Hello friends!! I'm here today to share a little bit about what a typical day for Rowan and I looks like :) This is actually from yesterday - today my mom is here helping me out and that is definitely not a typical day... hahaha... more like a blessing straight from heaven.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning, went downstairs, fixed myself a cup of Nespresso, then I had some quiet time journaling and doing devotions before Rowan woke up. (Total side note -- Have you tried Nespresso? It's incredible!!! If you're looking to purchase an espresso machine, this is definitely the one to get in my opinion. It tastes just like the coffee I had in Italy which I thought I would never taste again) Anyway, once Ro was awake, we got a bowl of cereal and a fruit pouch and ate breakfast while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Rowan loves drinking the milk off the spoon :) Drew left for work while we were eating breakfast.


After breakfast was over, we put on our shoes and headed out on our morning jog. I usually try to get us out around 8:00 to beat the Georgia heat. Rowan loves pointing out where our neighbor's dog, Beau, lives. He points at their house and says, "Baaaaaaouuuuuu" in the most drawn out, southern accent he owns. He also loves practicing his animal noises and talking to himself while eating his snack. After we were done jogging, we played out on our driveway for another 20 minutes while I finished my exercises and Rowan checked on our cats and the plants. By the way, he thinks that burpees are hilarious and will point and laugh at me while I do that part of my workout... hahaha. Just what I want to hear, right? It's hard to finish them all without laughing too.

At 9:30, we went inside and read some books and got Ro ready to take his morning nap. Lately, he has been skipping either his morning or his afternoon nap, so sometimes one or the other turns into more of a rest break. In the morning, I spend time working on emails, my print shop, writing blog posts like this one, creating custom orders, packaging, designing, working with clients, or taking photos. Just depends on the day!


Rowan woke up from his nap and ate some lunch and then we went out to run errands. We usually either run errands or do something fun outside the house during this time. I find that it really helps both of us to break up the day and not feel so couped up. Today, we went to Target and picked up some more baby food and some new sheets. And we made it out of there alive and without 20 other things we don't need. Success! :)

Once we got back, Rowan and I played together with his cars and trucks and listened to music until time to take his afternoon nap at 2:30. Rowan loves turning the music up really loud and dancing and stomping his feet. Sometimes I'll make another cup of coffee too :)


During the afternoon, I try to catch up on anything I didn't finish that morning. And some days, if Rowan is just having a hard day and I'm exhausted, I'll just sit down and eat my lunch in peace and quiet. After Rowan woke up, we went outside on another walk with my neighbor and her baby. At 5:00, Rowan ate dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen and did some small chores. We played some more and then went upstairs to give Rowan a bath. Usually, Drew comes home around bath time and will take over the rest of the night time routine while I go have a glass of wine or relax for a bit. After giving Rowan a bath, Drew played with Rowan a little, read him books, and then put him to bed.

After Rowan goes to bed, Drew and I eat dinner together and might watch a show before I start working again. Typically, I work 3 nights a week, we have a date night 1 night a week, and I have a fun night 1 night a week.

Thanks so much for joining me on this little peak into our day. Not every day is like this and some days are really rough with teething and tantrums, but I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be home with Rowan and still work and do what I love too. :) Hope you all are having a great week!


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No matter your age or season of life, usually at some point in time (or more!) we find ourselves in a style rut. Maybe your closet is no longer inspiring you, or never really has. Maybe your hair is long over-due for a cut? Maybe you've been sporting the same makeup look for years and you're ready to try something different?? One thing that I love to preach and inspire others in is being yourself and owning it. Whether you are drawn to a simple/casual look or love bold and bright colors, be you and have fun! 

I believe personal style can go a long way in inspiring creativity. I also believe that defining your style, falling in love with your closet again and trying new things can make more room for focusing on other areas of your life. For example, if you spend the time now to define your style, purge your closet and cultivate a wardrobe you love with quality pieces...that means less time worrying about what you will wear, what trendy piece to buy next and how to put outfits you feel great in together and MORE time to explore and be inspired in other endeavors. 

Giving yourself a style refresh takes time and thought, but in the long run it can provide so much more freedom! -- So, what are some ways you can start refreshing your style now?? I've gathered a few tips and some of my favorite resources to share with you!

1. Define - This is an important piece that will help you take the first step and build your foundation for your style refresh. I suggest using Pinterest to help you with this! Take some time to explore your taste and sense of style. What makeup looks, hair-do's, accessories and clothing pieces are you drawn to? Do you already have Pinterest boards set up with these topics that you can look back on and explore? Maybe some of your pins need to be erased? Maybe there is a pattern in your pins that can help you determine the looks you are constantly drawn to? Work on this project for as much time as you need. Let close family and friends give you insight if needed. Explore Pinterest boards of people whose style you admire! Pin away to help you determine your sense of style and preferences! 

2. Closet - This is probably one of the biggest elements of doing a style refresh. It can also be one of the biggest projects! Recently my husband and I went through every article of clothing we have in our home. We donated 6 boxes worth of clothes, I sold a few good pieces on IG and we cleared out SO many pieces that didn't fit, that we didn't wear and that didn't feel like us. It was such an amazing feeling to see each of our closets get cut in half. It was inspiring and exciting! Doing a huge purge really helped us see the holes in our closets and what pieces we needed to invest in. We ended up buying a few more pairs of nice slacks and shorts for Jon and I picked up a few flowy tops that I can wear during pregnancy and afterward. To prep for this project I referenced a ton of amazing resources that are worth looking into:

* The No-Brainer Wardrobe - An e-course on building an incredible wardrobe. So insightful and so practical! A great way to make your closet work for you! 

* Un-Fancy Blog - How to create a seasonal capsule wardrobe. A minimalistic approach to getting dressed and being intentional. I especially love to see how she wears each of her capsule wardrobes throughout the seasons. 

I used both of these and their great tips and pointers to create a closet I love. I also recently posted a video on my YouTube channel about falling in love with your closet that might be worth checking out! 

3. Hair-Do! - Some of you may be aware that I recently made a huge change! I went from a boxed red to a fun and bold periwinkle color. It's been such a fun and refreshing change and I'm loving it so far! While I'm not suggesting that everyone go out and make a dramatic change to their hair, there is something to be said for treating yourself to a new hair cut and maybe a little color. If you prefer to keep your natural color, awesome! Consider just trying something different with the style of your cut or having your stylist do a gloss treatment to make your natural color look more shiny and vibrant. If you're game for coloring your hair, challenge yourself to try something a little different! The great thing about hair is that any cut or color your do is ultimately temporary. Why not play and try something you've always wanted to try?! -- If you're perfectly content with your color and cut, then I suggest taking a little time to try a few new hair-styles. Pinterest and YouTube are filled to the brim with beautiful hair tutorials. Try mastering a fancy braid or a new up-do! The more you practice doing different styles on your hair, the better you'll get. 

Here are a few go hair-style resources to check out:
* Freckled Fox
* Confessions of a Hairstylist

4. Make-Up - It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of beauty products and I really, really enjoy make-up. Like a lot! I love all of the colors and looks that can be created. I also love that you can easily wash off your makeup at the end of the day. It's so easy to experiment and play with make-up. You can try subtle/natural looks to wear everyday, or bold/fun looks! Maybe it's time to go through your makeup bag? Toss out the old, expired make-up and hit up the drugstore (or Sephora) to grab a few things that need to be replaced. The best time to start experimenting with makeup is at night, before you wash your face. Sit in front of your mirror and play around with colors...you can even try out a tutorial! After you're done, just wash it off! Again, YouTube is an incredible resource for make-up tutorials and suggestions. You can find everything from natural looks to complicated and fun looks! 

Make-up tutorials:
* Classic and fresh - Ashley 
* Glam and bombshell - Tati 
* Advanced techniques and bold looks - Jaclyn 

5. The Care of You - If anything is going to contribute to your style refresh, it's your personal well-being and health. Be sure you are taking the time you need to care for yourself. Eat well, get active, have quiet time, grow in your faith, sleep, pamper yourself now and then, enjoy your hobbies, address personal struggles/hardships and take part in community with your friends. Having a healthy wellbeing and caring for yourself will give you such a glow and joy in life. Sometimes we need an outlook and attitude refresh before we can make good steps towards a style refresh. ;) 

Above all, take joy in being yourself and embrace who you are. Have fun friends!! 


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photo Source: Death to Stock 
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