Have you ever been part of a book club? I've always loved the idea of sharing in an experience and discussing thoughts and learnings. Soon after graduating college, marriage, moving to ATL and getting started with a career, Jenny and I started a weekly bible study. We would meet at Jenny's place or my place and invite other women to join us each week. We've had people come and go and we've also had a core group of girls that have been there since the beginning. There have been times when we've discussed faith-filled books and bible studies, shared our stories and times when we've just talked about what's going on in our hearts.

It's been such an incredible way to connect with other women through faith. We also started a Facebook group when we first got together that we still use on a consistent basis. We post prayer requests, reading schedules...etc. I LOVE my bible study girls and I cherish the time we get each week to share and encourage each other. 

With that in mind, and after Jenny and I recently spent a lot of time narrowing the focus of our blog, we absolutely loved the idea of trying to re-create this concept on a bigger scale with our readers. Our hearts are to build a community of women/mothers/wives...etc that is encouraging, open and supportive. We hope this will be a fun way to make steps towards building this type of community!

And that brings us to the Maiedae book club. :) Each month we will be focusing on one faith-filled, development type of book to read and discuss. We'll be sharing that book with you before the beginning of each month and providing opportunities to share your thoughts and have discussions. We hope this will be a unique way for you to connect with some incredible women and read books that are incredibly inspiring and motivational for your faith! 

This brings me to Novembers book! In November we will be reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. Jenny and I read this book with our bible study group several months ago and we were both blown away with it's rich content. This book is about living fully where you are and finding joy. It's deep, poetic, challenging and convicting. We think it's an incredible book to kick off the book club and we would love for you to join even if you've already read it! I'll be re-reading it for the month of November to brush up on everything AND because I loved it so much the first time. ;) 

We've set up a private Facebook group page that you can join by clicking here. On this group page we would love for you to share your questions, thoughts and quotes pertaining to the book that month as well as personal prayer requests if you would like! We think this would be an incredible way to keep the community active throughout the month, encourage each other and promote great discussion. We've also included a suggested reading schedule and various resources on the group page for you to reference too! :) 

We would LOVE to hear your ideas on further ways to format the book club to make it the most effective. Would you like us to offer a wrap up on our blog at the end of each month about the book and our thoughts as well as provide an opportunity for you to link up and share your own posts? Let us know your ideas!  

We are so excited to have you join us! Here's to community, book clubs and the holidays! :D Love you sweet friends!! xox

Excited! We would love for you to share! Here is a hashtag guide for November: #maiedaebookclub #1000gifts


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We took a little break from our outfit posts since the Mixer and while we were re-envisioning the blog, and now we are back to it and dressing up for our favorite season! Looking back on our old outfit posts throughout the years we always love the fall ones the very best. The colors,'s THE BEST!

WHAT JENNY WORE: 1. // Hat - Target (men's section) 2. // Black Silky Cardi - Forever21 3. // Plaid Scarf - Forever21 4. // Floral Top - Target 5. // Bohemian Feather Necklace - c/o Eclectic River Designs 6. // Elizabeth Diaper Bag - c/o Lily Jade 7. // Jeans - Target 8. // Penny Boots - Anthropologie

This week we are so pleased to be styling some incredibly gorgeous diaper bags by Lily Jade. Jenny and I are huge fans of carrying diaper bags that DON'T look like diaper bags and can also be used as our purse. Multi-functional is what we're after! We love that these bags have what seems to be 100 pockets for everything (click to see what I mean) you would need AND they come with a traveling changing pad. Easy to organize AND chic enough to wear around the city? Yes please! I might be a little obsessed with these types of bags in general!

I especially love how Jenny's can also be worn as a backpack. Sometimes it's just too much to have a bag over your shoulder and carry a little one around, especially when our little ones aren't so little anymore! ;) 

WHAT SAVANNAH WORE: 1. // Hat - Target (men's section!) 2. // Necklace - BaubleBar 3. // Watch - Fossil 4. // Plaid Top - Target 5. // Sarah Grace Diaper Bag - c/o Lily Jade 6. // Jeans - Urban Outfitters 7. // Socks - Target (again, men's section!) 8. // Boots - Forever21 

Also, I just have to note...Jenny and I DO NOT plan our outfits ahead of time. If we are styling a particular product we both know from our editorial calendar but outside of that we just pick out what to wear and then show up. I say this because more often than not we completely coordinate and it makes us laugh every-time. It's almost like we are dressing from the exact same color palette and then just styling it up differently...hahah, I just love it! :) -- If you're looking for a gorgeous multi-purpose diaper bag, be sure to check out all of the styles/colors at Lily Jade! Ahh, I can't wait to put together more outfit posts for the fall/winter! What is your favorite "must-have" closet pieces for the season?? 


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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Christmas prints are here!!! :D I'm so excited to be releasing these prints that we have designed especially for the holidays. Go take a look and let me know which is your favorite! Also, I'd love to hear suggestions if you have any. We will be starting our weekly print release next Monday, November 3rd so there will be a plethora of new prints in the coming weeks!


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