Whew! This weekend was so much fun!! On Saturday, we had our very first Hand Lettering Workshop and it was amazing! All the gorgeous ladies who showed up did such an amazing job discovering their unique lettering style. It turned out beautifully and I can't wait for the next one at the end of February! :D

Be sure to check out more photos of the workshop on Instagram under the hashtag #maiedaeworkshops :D Maybe we will see you at the next one?!! :) I hope so!  xo Jenny


Author: Jenny Highsmith 
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I'm thrilled to announce that we have ANOTHER Hand Lettering Workshop on the calendar for February. We have a full roster for the workshop this Saturday and had many requests for another. So, we've heard you and put another on the calendar for February! 

So, if you couldn't come to the first workshop, mark your calendars for FEBRUARY 21st 8:30AM - 12:30PM for our second Hand Lettering Workshop. I hope to see you there! See more details about the workshop here!


Author: Jenny Highsmith 
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Hello friends! How is 2015 treating you so far? Today we are sharing a few of the "realities" we are facing. Funny, real, messy moments that are going on in our everyday lives. We would love to hear your realities too! Let us know how things are going in the comment section below. :) 


1. // My once newborn is turning one at the end of the month. I know you've heard me talk about this already but I'm completely in awe of how quickly babies grow. In one single year they go from being completely dependent babies to sitting, chatting, crawling, walking, teething, eating, playing. They look less like tiny babies and more like toddlers. Their little personalities start shining through, they start doing silly things. How did we get here already? I'm feeling extra nostalgic. A held him the other day while feeding him his bottle and started getting teary. I'm so incredibly happy to see him grow. I'm so thankful and I desire so much to be a great mom. 

2. // Jon and I are 100% pooped. We are having this constant battle with trying to understand what "balance" looks in our lives, what direction God wants us to go in, what we need to focus on, what we need to stop doing. How to strive after what is important and glorifying and at the same time not guilt trip ourselves for not accomplishing everything we feel we need to do to improve. Feelings of laziness, feelings of wanting to improve in our roles (wife, husband, parent..etc.). We are currently trying to wade through the deep and focus on the pieces that truly matter. We've talked about doing an "emergency" getaway at the beginning of February to visit the mountains, clear our minds, un-plug and think through these questions that we have. 

3. // Sleep...oh sleep! This is where I could use a few tips! Ideally I would LOVE to get up early, before Soren wakes up...have some quiet time, make some cider and start my day right. I would also love to be able to get myself into bed at a good time and actually fall asleep! The reality: I stay up way too late, I sleep too light and I am dragging myself out of bed each morning wishing so much I could stay cuddled up a few more hours. I hate it. The days I DO actually get up and have time alone before I start the day with Soren are wonderful, they are rare, but wonderful! Any tips on getting out of bed in the morning that have helped you? I need a little extra motivation! 

4. // Currently my exercise routine consists of playing Just Dance on the XBOX One, and I'm ok with that. ;)

5. // I'm working on cutting back on the Netflix purges and listening to more music. I use to be so into music in high school and college. I had some amazing playlists and I was always researching new artist. Now? Not so much. I miss music and want to make more time for it and LESS time for stinking Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime. :) 


Life has been emotional, in both good and not-so-awesome ways. I've been challenged a lot in great ways. I'm working on getting my days more organized so I don't have to face the constant feeling of "I should be doing something right now". My focus has been on trying to be in the moment and content in my moments. :) 

We started reading "Make it Happen" by Lara Casey in our bible study group. We've been meeting together for a few years now and sometimes we go through seasons and really diving into a book and other times we go through conversation seasons where we chat about life, needs and prayer requests. For the next handful of weeks are are reading through this book and it's been SO great. I highly recommend picking up a copy. 

Lastly, our first workshop is this Saturday! Jenny and I couldn't be more excited. We are looking forward to seeing how this new venture will transform Maiedae. We have some exciting ideas floating around so be sure to keep an ear out for upcoming excitement!! 


1. // Interested in the book? Check out the website here! Lots of great resources too. :)
2. // Finally got my Day Designer in the mail! I am NOT disappointed. Best agenda I have ever owned in the history of my life. If you are looking for something all-in-one, you will love this. They have a few in stock over here
3. // I've been picking up a few things here and there for Soren's birthday and I have fallen in love with the toy company, Janod. They have so many beautiful, interesting and educational toys! You can pick up a lot of their line on Amazon too


1. // Well, I guess it's honesty time, eh? Drew and I are doing much better emotionally, but we are still picking up the pieces of not having a primary income for the last few months. We are in some pretty deep financial stress... Sometimes I really hate being an adult. And then I think of all the amazing privileges it brings and I'm not so sad anymore. Drew has been training at an insurance company recently and we are hoping for a paycheck soon. *fingers crossed*

2. // I think I've finally found a routine for the day that allows me to feel energized, get work done, be an interactive mommy, and take breaks. The only thing is, it's still pretty lonely. I've planned some lunch dates with friends that I hope will help, but Drew is gone weird hours for this job and it gets kind of lonely putting Rowan to bed by myself most nights. 

3. // Today is my birthday!! Yay!! :) Thank you for all the birthday wishes on Instagram - you guys are too sweet. The funny thing? I almost forgot it was my birthday. Haha! I think it's a combination of being really busy planning the workshop and time going a lot quicker than I realized. 

4. // I re-arranged our guest bedroom this past weekend and brought up the drafting table Drew made me 2 years ago up from the basement. I created a cute space for me to have quiet time, paint, and listen to the record player. It's now my favorite spot in the house. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated in there. It's so nice to sit in there in the quiet morning before Rowan wakes up or to paint something while he naps.

5. // I think the thing that Drew and I are facing most this month is loneliness. Drew doesn't get to see Rowan really at all, he works Saturdays, and we are both lonely. We don't see each other much and feel a little trapped. We are so thankful for an opportunity on the job front, but because it's our only opportunity we feel obligated to it. And it's just a really difficult schedule for us to have any time to spend together.


I feel like I just updated you! ;) But besides the above, I'm just seeking God's presence like crazy lately. Life is hard and it's one of the only things that keeps me from just loosing my mind. I've absolutely loved planning the workshop for this weekend and am so excited about that and where we are hopefully heading with Maiedae. I'm also brainstorming the idea of a lettering YouTube channel... but I'm not sure about it yet.


1. // I would love something like this or this for taking video.
2. // These things are too cool!!
3. // Love these shoes!


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