As fall approaches, we've been starting to transition our closets to a little warmer clothes and warmer colors. I love dressing for fall. Comfy leggings, lots of layers, scarves, boots... those are my favorite. In Georgia, the weather typically gets a little cooler in September and then has one last hot streak for about 2-3 weeks in late September / early October. It's like summer's last hoorah. :)  

WHAT JENNY WORE: 1.  // Top - Forever21  2. // Lipstick - MAC - Spirit & Gerard Cosmetics  - Nude 3. // Necklace + Bracelet - Forever21  4. // Tote Bag - Maiedae  5. // Flats - H&M 6. // Leggings - Forever21 -- WHAT SAVANNAH WORE: 1. // Watch - Fossil 2. // Cognat Satchel - Target 3. // Crochet Cardi - Forever21 4. // Blouse - Target 5. // Pants - Urban Outfitters 6. // Boots - Forever21 7. // Lipgloss - Gerard Cosmetics - Rose Hill 

We love how simple and classy neutrals look. They make accessories pop and I love how you can layer several neutrals with each other to create a dimensional look like Savannah did. Also... I added a subtle ombre to my hair using L'Oreal's Ombre Touch kit. I was nervous at first but it was so much fun! And I love how it didn't turn my hair bleach blonde but instead brought out the color my hair would naturally highlight to. 

What's the weather like where you are? Are you ready for fall or missing summer? :)


Authors: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae
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Happy September, friends!! Are you ready for fall? Fall is probably one of my all-time favorite seasons. I do love winter, but just because of Christmas. ;) I freaking love Christmas!! On this week's Coffee Talk, Jenny and I are sharing our favorite Instagram accounts with you! What IG account can you not get enough of? Share your favorites in the comment section below! 

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1. // @bevcooks - This is one hilarious mama of twins. Every caption leaves me laughing uncontrollably. Oh, and she also takes the most beautiful photos :)

2. // @sugarandcloth - Ashley probably has the most beautiful feed I've seen. My favorite thing she does is her DIYs - she is so artistic and every post is brimming with beauty.

3. // @studiodiy - I mean... photos of funfetti popsicles... need I say more? 

4. // @omydarlingsblog - This beautiful mama of two shares gorgeous photos of their life and her heart on motherhood. I love her sense of style and how her feed looks like a party I would definitely want to go to.


We spent the weekend with family and friends, which was so lovely. I think one of my favorite parts about motherhood so far is watching people you love, love on your baby. I love seeing our parents hold and kiss Rowan or my siblings fight over whose turn it is next. It just makes me smile. :) This week I've been thinking a lot about balancing being a mom and the other things in my life. It's difficult to realize that some things you just have to let go of ... like cleaning every day or going out as often. I've become okay with letting some of those things slide and the OCD side of me only rears it's head up occasionally ;) I do still, however, like to color code my closet by hue (yes, I'm that person). I've got to have one area that I can still be a little OCD about. 

We've been hard at work on Mixer preparations and it's getting down to the wire! We are thrilled at how everything is coming together and can't wait to see a lot of you there!! There are still some tickets left, so if you've been wanting to come, now is the time to grab yours! It's going to be an awesome party you won't want to miss :)


1. // I love this simple reminder to slow down... and I love that it's on a mug because coffee is my friend :) And not like an imaginary friend... because it's not like I'm crazy. Just a close friend who keeps me company during the day and who I talk to when no one else is around. 8D

2. // Drew and I have been watching a show about tiny houses and I think this one is so pretty!! It's such a fascinating idea that speaks to living simply. I love that.

3. // Love these balloon-dipped mason jars!! Such an easy project and they make the jars so colorful :) SO much fun for a party!


1. // @emily_jeffords - Emily has a beautiful way with her paint brush. Her artwork is bright, thoughtful, peaceful, and insanely beautiful. I just love her gorgeous photos, thoughts, and pictures of her precious girls. :) 

2. // @treasuresandtravels - I first met these adorable ladies at ALT in New York and couldn't help but follow their blog and IG accounts. Come to find, they are SO FUN, have an amazing blog and share such beautiful, inspiring photos on their account! 

3. // @moeblake - Morgan is a new friend that I met at a photo-shoot a couple weeks ago. She is local to ATL and is an amazzziiinnnggg photographer. I love, love, love her work. Her IG is beautiful. I can't wait to have her take some photos of Jenny and me soooon. :) 

4. // @theghostonmyback - This is my favorite food IG account of all time. All of her creations look like art and are healthy. I love the colors, styling, and lighting of all of her photos. 


Welp, Soren had his surgery early Tuesday morning. He did wonderfully and was so brave! The healing process has been a little tricky however. He's been waking up a lot throughout the night  so it's kinda felt like having a newborn again. I am SLEEEPPY. Yesterday and today he was back to his old self and Wednesday we have a follow-up appointment so everything should be back to normal soon. He slept through the night finally last night so I feel much more rested! 

Not really getting the sleep you need is like a special type of torture. ;) 


1. // Makeup Geek eyeshadows are kinda my new obsession. They have the same quality (if not better) as a MAC eyeshadow, but they are cruelty free and less than HALF the price. YES! My goal is to own ALL of them. Ahhhh! -- I get the "pans" of the eyeshadows and put them in a Z-Palette. Also her YouTube channel is amaze-balls, too. 

2. // Just got my shipping confirmation that this way cool t-shirt is on its way! I can't wait to wear it this fall. 

3. // Really, really love this ship illustration. I've been wanting to get a tattoo similar to this and LOVE how this looks. Gorgeous. 


Authors: Jenny Highsmith & Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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Savannah and I had a great day today hanging out with the boys and getting work done! I showed up to her house and we were both wearing similar outfits ...haha! We do that a lot. Long weekends are so wonderful, especially because I love having Drew home to help with Rowan. I love spending every day with him and I'm so blessed to be able to work from home, but it's nice to have help -- especially when trying to get things done! :) OH!!! And Rowan rolled over for the first time yesterday! Such a special moment.

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Authors: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae
Find Jenny Here: Instagram // Pinterest // MooreaSeal