A huge dream of ours this year was to produce a few workshops and e-courses. We've been working so hard and it's been amazing seeing how successful our Lettering workshop and e-course have been! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting those adventures and enjoying the process of learning a new skill!!

We wanted to release a new Workshop in early 2015 and after many meetings going back and forth and which one we would choose, we decided to go with something that is certainly near and dear to my heart and that is a YouTube workshop!! Hooray!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be teaching this course. I've had my channel for just about two years and have been working on it seriously for the past year. It's been incredible to see how much it's grown and I truly love the community I've built there. Not only has this become a passion and an incredible way to connect with others, but it's also become a profitable venture. Why not get paid to do something you love?! 

I know from experience that starting a channel and growing a channel can feel daunting. How do you set up a great setting for filming, what about lighting? What type of editing program should you use? What about camera equipment and lenses? How do I optimize my channel to reach new viewers and gain subscribers? How do I create unique content? How do I work with networks and companies? What is this whole YouTube thing about really? 

Our first "How to be a YouTuber" workshop will be Saturday, May 30th. You can check out the official workshop page here to get all of the details! -- This class will be super rich in content and I'll be sharing all of my secrets for creating a successful, authentic and profitable channel. We'll also be diving deep into some of these incredible topics:

// My youtube story and how I started earning money doing what I love.
// What’s the big deal about YouTube?
// Anatomy of a Youtube channel & best practices.
// Finding your voice, niche + creating original content for your channel. 
// SEO tips + tricks - How to get noticed in the big world of YouTube. 
// Making your channel profitable. 
// What you need to know about working with brands.
// What you need to know about filming equipment & lighting.
// Filming and setting up your area.
// Basics of editing - Tips, tricks and best programs to use.
// My top secrets to success on YouTube. 
// What you need to know about Copyright and music laws. 
// Putting it all together: creating your YouTube channel plan.

And more!! xox

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP? This class is perfect for ladies and gents looking to create their own YouTube channel. This class would also be applicable to people who already have a channel but are looking to improve and grow! -- Although I mainly discuss beauty and lifestyle on my channel, this class is applicable to almost any type of channel that is looking to produce original content. Beauty, vlogging, lifestyle, fashion, cooking, health, reviews, DIYs, motherhood, comedy, gaming...you get the picture. :)

WILL WE BE DOING TUTORIALS ON HOW TO EDIT VIDEOS? While I will be walking you through best practices for editing your videos and which programs you should look into, we will not be doing step-by-step tutorials on how to edits your videos. You will, however, walk away confident in which program you want to use and basic tips for making your videos 100% awesome. 

WHAT WILL MY TICKET INCLUDE? Your ticket includes a full day of incredible content about starting and running a YouTube channel as well as breakfast, lunch, snacks and a small gift from Maiedae. :)

WHAT WILL I NEED TO BRING? Something to take notes on and a general vision for your channel! 

OKAY! I'M CONVINCED, SIGN ME UP!! -- Hooray, head on over to our Workshop page to register! We only have 12 tickets available for this workshop. :) 

Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email and I'd be happy to answer! savannah@maiedae.com 

Thanks so much friends!! xox


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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We missed last week's coffee talk, but we are back for this one! Sorry we've been a little MIA lately - we have a lot of really fun things going on with Maiedae this month and have been having a blast putting on workshops, releasing our first e-course, traveling to both The Makers Summit and Texas Style Council this month, and several other things we are working on. But that doesn't mean we've forgotten about you loyal friends over here! :) Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and can you believe it's MARCH?!?!! Where did the time go?

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.10.41 PM.png


1. // Oversized T-Shirt Dress 2. // Wedge Shoes 3. // Orange Nail Polish 4. //Kelly Moore Bag 


Hey-lo friends!! First of all, I just want to thank all of you so much for all of the enthusiasm and support of our recent endeavors with Maiedae. Jenny and I have been so giddy about Maiedae and excited to see the path it's taking. We've always loved evolving Maiedae as it pertains to our lives and we've felt such a peace and joy about pursuing these new adventures. Matter of fact, we have another one they we'll announce within the next day or so. Hint, it's a new Workshop!! I'm SO SO excited about it!! 

Other than Maiedae busyness (which I love), family life has been going really well. Soren is so big. It's hard to believe he's a toddler with a little personality. His mouth is nearly full of teeth, he runs around, laughs at funny things and does his best to chat it up with me. I'm just in love. I've been trying to figure out some fun 1 year old appropriate activities to do with him during the day in-between naps. I feel like he's getting bored sometimes, and sometimes I get bored if I'm at home too long! I'm looking forward to warmer weather so we can visit the park together, and the zoo!! 

Jenny mentioned this below, but I'm SO excited about our travel plans for this month. It's a little hectic, but it will be such a treat to get away with my best friend and attend some killer conferences! xox 


1. // My friend and essential oils enthusiast just started a YouTube channel! She's so fun to watch and I'm looking forward to seeing her channel grow!! Be sure to check her out and subscribe if you are interested in learning more about EO's! 

2. // Anna opens up about blog monetization. Such an incredible post

3. // This chai spiced, almond and coconut breakfast smoothie is everything. 


1. // Palolem Kimono  2. // Thea Sandal in Diamond Ikat 3. // Rivet & Thread High Riser Slouchy Crop Jeans 4. // Draped Daytripper Trench


Last week was crazy! Not only did we launch our first e-course! (yay!!!!), but my computer died and Drew and I came down with the stomach flu within 3 hours of each other. Needless to say, my week has been a whole lot of catching up. :)

I'm so excited about traveling this weekend with Savannah to go to The Maker's Summit in Greenville, South Carolina. It will be really nice to have a girl's weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled to be attending The Maker's Summit again this year. We went to the first one a few years ago and have been eager to get back. The fabulous ladies who put it on are so sweet and do such an amazing job. We are constantly blown away by their mad skills. We can't wait to meet new faces, see old friends, and learn new things!

Besides that, we are still pushing forward over here. Drew is still interviewing for jobs and we are working hard to make ends meet for our family. The Lord is constantly teaching me new things and right now I believe He is asking me - "Do you really believe that I can and will do what I say?" This season is a huge lesson on trust for me and I've been wrestling with a lot of big questions. I don't think that we are owed anything and I believe that God's will is to do what is best for His glory - which is in turn what is best for us. I think my main goal through all of this is to be faithful. To be faithful to my family by working my hardest, to be faithful to the Lord by handing the rest over to Him. These are just some of my random thoughts...


1. // I'm in love with this recipe journal by Anna Rastorgueva. A dear friend of mine just gave me a Bible Journal and I am currently planning out ideas for it. :)

2. // I need to make these caramel truffles ... like NOW.

3. // Love this 10 DIYs for Planted Pots.


Author: Jenny Highsmith & Savannah Wallace
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Find Savannah Here: Instagram // Pinterest //  Beauty Channel // Disney Baby

Today is the day, lovelies!!! We just launched our FIRST E-COURSE (available here) and we couldn't be more excited!!!! It's complete with 10 videos, tons of examples, and 15 guided activities. We've poured our hearts into this and are so happy with the finished product.

I'm going to be sharing with you a little insight into my tools that I use to create my hand lettering. Now, I'm not a "traditional calligrapher" - I don't use a pointed pen (a.k.a. nibs and inkwell) to create my lettering. I guess it's because of my art background, but I feel more comfortable with pencils, brush pens, paint brushes and watercolors. So, here's what you'd find in my tool kit today:


1. TomBow Dual Brush Pen This pen is one of my very favorites because it has 2 sides - a brush tip and a nylon fine point tip. The brush tip holds it’s shape and glides beautifully while the pen is odorless and precise, amazing for perfecting your letters. You can also dip your brush tip into water to create an awesome watercolor wash effect!

2. Graphite PencilEraser I always recommend using pencils first when sketching out your design, choosing a layout, and figuring out the best option and style. You don’t want to waste precious watercolor or ink if you don’t have to! It’s important to find one that is smooth and erases well. I love using graphite pencils because they come in various weights and I love using a lighter weight so it's easier to erase.

3. Pentel Aquash Brush - No mess and gives you a beautiful watercolor effect! You don’t have to constantly add ink and it provides a controlled flow. Can be used with ink, liquid watercolor, or just water! Take it with you wherever you go to keep practicing. :)

4. Liquid WatercolorTo refill your Pentel Aquash Brush (there is a video tutorial in the e-course on how to do this!), you'll want to use either Liquid Watercolor, Sumi Ink, or Calligrapher's Ink. Any of them will do, however, it's easiest if they come in a dropper bottle. If they don't, you can purchase a dropper bottle like I did here.

5. Mix Media Paper - When working with watercolors and ink, you need a paper that is going to provide durability and keep your watercolor paints from bleeding all over the paper. Choose a paper that's specific for water-based media.

6. Sketchbook - You'll want to have a sketchbook to use a majority of the time while you're practicing. I use my sketchbook about 98% of the time.  I only use my Mix Media Paper if I'm ready to create a piece of artwork for a client, my house, a DIY project, etc. A love spiral-bound sketchbooks because it's easy for me to use on my lap.

This is just a *tiny* peek into everything you'll learn in our e-course! If you're really into lettering, or want to know more, I would highly recommend diving in and taking our lettering e-course. You are only going to get better if you commit to learning, investing in the right tools, and practice!! And all of that information is found in the e-course.

Not only that, but lettering is in HUGE demand right now. It's such a valuable skill to know. We have seen both with our graphic design clients as well as blog readers that there is a huge demand out there - people are attracted to the unique style and handmade quality that hand lettering offers. If you've ever been interested in lettering or want to bump up your skills and be able to create gorgeous projects for your house, for friends, for gifts, to sell in your own print shop, or for your graphic design portfolio - now is the time! Just check out what some of our workshop students have created!!



Learn to letter like a pro!! You'll be on your way when you complete this in-depth e-course, complete with 10 videos, tons of examples, and 15 guided activities. In these 9 Lessons + 2 BONUS lessons you'll learn:

* The basics of lettering
* What tools we recommend
* Guidance on finding inspiration
* How to develop a style that is your own
* The how-to's of lettering + modern calligraphy
* Adding flourishes with style
* An in-depth look at Jenny's style and rules
* Tips and tricks for laying out your lettering
* Putting it all together with your own artwork

- - PLUS - -
* How to digitize your lettering for print
* Tips on adding illustration to your lettering
* A blog with extra inspiration + tips to keep you going
* Extra linked resources

Add To Cart


If you're the type of person that would rather learn in person, no worries sweet friend! We have workshops available that you can take as well! You'll learn everything that's in the e-course, plus have one-on-one time with me where I go over your style and give you advice. It's a really fun, laid back atmosphere and makes for a great girls day! We are honored to have had people travel from Washington D.C., Florida, and Kentucky to attend our hand lettering workshop! Our current workshop dates are April 11th and July 18th - and you can FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION HERE.

Whatever route you choose, we are SO excited to get started with you!! :D


Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Maiedae
Find Jenny Here: Instagram // Pinterest // MooreaSeal // Society6