Hello friends! I hope your summer is going wonderfully so far! We have been busy, busy at work doing a lot of behind-the-scenes projects for Maiedae. Today we are SO excited to be launching a new Maiedae e-course, "How to be a YouTuber"! I've poured everything I've learned over the past couple years running a channel on YouTube into this course and it's so excited to see everything finally come together! You'll learn everything from setting up your YouTube channel to making your channel profitable! Below I've outlined some of the incredible features of this course and answered a few FAQs so you can feel comfortable diving in!  

You'll learn the ins and outs of becoming a "YouTuber" and running your own channel. This self-paced e-course is filled with rich and helpful content. Complete with 13 lessons, bonus resources, visual guides, printouts and guided homework questions to help you grow and develop your channel. In this course, you'll learn:

* The reason why YouTube is such a huge opportunity
* The anatomy of a YouTube channel
* How to find your voice, niche and create original content
* All of the equipment and lighting you'll need and how to use it
* Tips on setting up your filming area and being in front of the camera
* The best programs to use for editing and tips on how to use them
* Savannah's recipe for a successful YouTube video
* Creating an effective filming and editing schedule
* How to make your channel profitable
* Tips on how to grow your channel authentically
* How to create your channel plan and vision

- - PLUS - - 
* A list of helpful resources for your YouTube channel
* Helpful print-outs
* The opportunity to meet new people through the "student directory" 

Is this course self-paced and how long will I have access to it?
This course IS self-paced. We encourage you to take your time with each lesson to really soak in all of the content. Once purchased, you have unlimited access to the course site and to the lessons. Perfect to re-read again in the future or reference as you develop your channel!

Who is this e-course for? 
Great question! This course is for anyone who wants to start their own YouTube channel and produce original content. Even if you already have a YouTube channel and just want to learn how to grow it and develop it more, this course is perfect for you! 

What types of channels will benefit from this course? 
While my channel is dedicated to beauty & lifestyle...all of the tips, best practices and content I provide is applicable to anyone and any genre of channel! Matter of fact, I have a lesson dedicated to helping you define your channel genre and develop a vision for your channel with TONS of inspiration and ideas!  

Will this course teach me how to edit my videos?
While this course does not offer step-by-step guides on editing your videos, it does provide information about top editing programs and amazing tips for editing any video to make it stand out and look professional. 

Hooray! I want to take the course, what now?
Yay! We are so excited to have you join! Simply head on over to our e-course page, add the course to your cart and a PDF will be sent to you automatically that contains everything you need to know to access the course site and get started!  

Thank you guys so much for reading and we truly hope you enjoy the new course! If you're curious about more Maiedae courses don't forget to check out our popular hand-lettering course taught by Jenny!! -- Happy weekend! 


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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Lets get right to the point. Staying at home with your little ones is a full-time job. It takes a lot of work, energy, and creativity. I feel completely honored to be able to stay at home with Soren everyday. Playing with him, teaching him, and watching him grow. On the other side of this, the reality is I also work from home usually between 20-30 hours a week. Sometimes more and sometimes less. So, what's the secret? How do you be there and be present for your kid(s) and continue working from home without compromising either roles? Is it even possible? 

Jenny and I have been on this exact journey since both of our little ones were born. There have definitely been seasons where this has been easier and there are times when it's just plain difficult to get anything productive done. Today I want to share a very authentic and personal post about how I work to balance these roles in my life. How I "get things done" and how I do my best to be a present and active mommy. 

Let me first address the fact that becoming a mom can bring along insecurities. I believe this stems from a desire to be a great mommy. I often find myself asking the questions, "am I being active enough with Soren", "am I teaching him the right things", "am I showing him lots of love", "am I being attentive", "am I being present in my day with him"? The same things often arise with work..."what do I really need to be spending my time on", "what should my priorities be", "am I doing what's best for my family"? I think asking all of these questions, and talking them through is important. How do we make positive changes in our lives that honor our priorities and the people we love the most? Here are a few practices I try to keep in balancing these two roles.

1. Priorities - I always try to live by my priorities and I always try to do my best in setting the correct priorities for my life. My faith, my husband, my son, my family/friends/community, my work, my home, my hobbies. All of these things are important to me and some and more important than others. For example, my faith, Jon, and Soren are my top priorities. It's so important to me that these aspects of my life aren't suffering or being looked over. If an aspect of these is at an unhealthy place, that's when I see it as my queue to stop doing other things and focus on these "foundational" priorities in my life. I let these act as my guide. It helps me make decisions, it helps me delegate my time and it helps me keep focused. If this is an area of struggle for you I recommend taking some time to write down and write out your priorities. What are your non-negotiable foundational priorities? 

2. Eliminate Time Wasters - This is such a key aspect to playing out both of these roles on a daily basis. Are you finding yourself on your phone more than you need to be? Are you getting side-tracked with tasks that aren't important to complete at that moment? Are you finding yourself getting caught up in a Netflix binge during nap time and left completely unproductive? Identify the time wasters that really trip up your day and find healthy solutions. Maybe schedule time in your day for work-related phone time so you don't feel tempted to continue checking your email. DO give yourself time on a daily/weekly basis to have rest time but make sure that these activities aren't prohibiting you from time with the littles and time you need to be productive. 

3. Separate When Possible - One of the biggest things that has helped me in this journey is separating work from mommy time. In the past I would simultaneously try to work and be present in my job while also doing mommy duties. This inevitably lead to me not really being great at either role. In the morning Soren and I spend time together, during his naps I work on getting things done. Usually my most productive blocks of time are after Soren goes to bed and when I schedule work nights. 

4. Help is Good - Maybe you live near the grandparents, or maybe you have a trusted friend you could hire to nanny your little one here and there? There are plenty of options outside of daycare that are affordable and trustworthy during times when you need an extra hand. Organize a sitting swap with another mommy friend where you take her kid(s) 1x each week and she takes yours so you both have a day to get things done. Look into "Moms Day Out" programs at a local church. Currently my parents and in-laws live very close to us so they are able to help with Soren here and there. Recently we've been hiring a friend to nanny Soren a few hours here and there each week too. This has been amazing when I just need a 3 hour chunk of time to get work done or if Jon and I want to sneak out for a little date. It also makes me happy to know Soren is having fun with people he loves. xox 

5. Pick 3 - The honest truth is that it is difficult to be as productive when you're also a SAHM. Everyday I try and think of 1-3 things I MUST get done and make those a priority during nap time. I avoid overwhelming myself with long to-do lists anymore because they can make me want to focus solely on tasks.

6. Accept the Day - Some days will go wonderfully. You'll manage to get tons done, play with the kiddos, get some chores done, dress yourself, and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Some days you might get nothing "productive" done and spend most of the day in your PJs just doing your thang. It's okay! Don't beat yourself up when you have those kind of days. You do a lot and sometimes your body just needs a break. Matter of fact I recommend having a lazy day each week if you can. A day when you can just not worry about having to complete tasks and just focus on being a mom and you! Don't forget to give yourself needed mercy and grace. 

7. Have Fun Being a Mom - Make the in-between nap times a fun time and a time you and your little one(s) look forward to. Plan fun activities, go on walks, go to the pool, go to story time at your local library, try some mommy and me classes, schedule a play-date, visit your local park, go on a fun adventure (like the zoo!) in your town. There are so many fun and creative things to do with kids. Try to schedule a few fun things to do each week to provide variety and creativity in your week. :) 

8. Sometimes You Have to Let Things Go - The reality of balancing these two roles is that sometimes something has got to give. If you are being run ragged into the ground everyday and find yourself completely exhausted it might be time to rethink your situation. What's working? What's NOT working? What can you let go of and take off your plate that will take away un-needed stressors? Don't be afraid to evaluate your life and think outside of the box for needed solutions. If you're struggling with this area ask a family member or trusted friend to help you evaluate and come up with ideas. 

Just to give you an idea of how I try and work through my week, I've outlined my typical schedule for the week. This is an adaptable schedule and usually changes but this might be helpful in creating ideas for your own weekly schedule. 

In any given week I have the responsibility of staying at home with Soren, doing my tasks and projects for Maiedae, writing for the Disney Baby blog and producing content for my YouTube Channel. I also try to make time for Jon and I, for my friends and for myself each week. Oh and let's not forget to mention helping to keep up with the home! 

Monday's are usually my email and mini-task days. During Soren's nap times I try to focus on answering emails, working on simple to-do's, writing a blog post for Maiedae and accomplishing things that don't take a lot of time. After Soren goes to bed on Monday's I either schedule to meet up with Jenny, spend the night working or hang out with Jon. This usually depends on my work load for the week. 

These are the days I usually focus on editing and uploading a new video for my channel. After uploading the video I also take time to promote on social media. Tuesdays usually end up being work nights for me so I try to accomplish a few other tasks during the evening if I have time to after working on my video. 

Jon usually works from home on these days. During his lunch break he helps out with Soren so I can film and run any needed errands. This day is mostly dedicated to getting filming done and during the evening time we have date night. 

This is usually another work heavy day for me during nap times and after bedtime. I usually have our nanny come for 2-3 hours to care for Soren so I can focus on getting a chunk of work done. 

I try to keep this day pretty clear and easy. I work on getting any mini-tasks done that might be left over from the week. I usually leave this evening open to having me-time or having out with family/friends. 

During the weekend I try to absolutely not work unless it's completely necessary. 

This is family day. We go to church, go out to eat lunch, attend bible study with our friends and spend the rest of the day hanging out and preparing for a new week. 

I hope this was a helpful post and that you gathered some good ideas! If you have any other ideas to add please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Thanks so much for reading friends and I wish you all the very best in working through these roles in your life and finding solutions that leave you feeling peaceful and energized! Lots of love.


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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My sweet boy. A few weeks ago, my once little (okay, not really, he's always been a chunky monkey) baby boy turned one. I still can't believe he's walking around, jabbering in his own little language and obsessed with cars and anything that's outside :) We had a little celebration that weekend with family and friends on our back deck and here are the photos I promised to share with you.


Thanks so much to Sarah for capturing the day. I'm gonna go get these photos printed tomorrow!!


Author: Jenny Highsmith // Photography: Sarah Harms Photography
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