Hello friends! I hope your weekend was wonderful! Mondays can always be a little bit of a drag but both Jenny and I hope that no matter where you are, that you are having a beautiful day, enjoying life and experiencing 0% Monday blues! ;) Because it's Fall-time here in Georgia, Jenny and I are sharing our favorite Fall beverage picks with you this week!!


Who doesn't love fall? Especially the early fall where it's still warm out, but has a nice cool breeze in the air and the smell of leaves. I love it here when our neighbor's burn a pile of leaves - the smell is so wonderful. In the fall, I actually don't really love a pumpkin spice latte (I know - gasp!) What I love more is a hot chocolate with salted caramel and a tiny bit of cinnamon. YUMMM!!!


I've been trying to spend more time painting for fun lately. I think it's so much fun getting to do stuff I love every day for work, but it's also really nice every once in a while to do something I love just for fun for me. :) Ya know? We spent a good amount of time cleaning and working Saturday. Our house has a TON of trees around it, so we have to rake year round. I'm thinking Drew needs a backpack leaf-blower for Christmas :)

I'm very excited because this week I not only get to go see my parents who live 3 hours away, but Savannah and Jon are having all our friends over Saturday for a Halloween party! I don't get to see my family very often, so I'm thrilled to be spending several days together. And, of course being an extrovert who stays inside alone most days, I love parties! :) Are you guys doing anything for Halloween?


1. // THESE look amazing!!! 
2. // I love these easy DIY dried flower coasters.
3. // This will be our first halloween in a house and I'm so excited to see how the turn out is in our neighborhood for trick-or-treaters! I found these Halloween treat bag ideas! I can't wait :) CANDY for everyone!!!


Fall is one of my FAVORITE seasons. Not only for the weather, layers and holidays but also for the hot drinks! It's really difficult for me to choose a favorite but something I gravitate towards and keep stocked at home constantly is apple cider! I can't get enough. The smell alone sends me memories of Fall and makes me feel cozy. If I'm feeling extra fancy I like to top my cider off with a little whipped cream and caramel. Yummm!! 


I hope you've been enjoying our posts lately! Jenny and I have loved focusing our blog more and have found ourselves SO excited about the content we're writing for you. :D We've got a lot of great stuff planned for the rest of the month! Being able to share things we are passionate about and is part of our everyday lives is such a gift and something we are thankful for. Thank you, thank you for all of your kind words and support! We love our readers SO much! 

Jon and I took Soren to see his great-grandparents for the first time (Jon's grandparents) up in Fort Mill, SC. It was such a nice trip! Soren has really been a trooper over these past few weekends with all of the traveling we've been doing. ;) It was so nice being able to introduce him to his great-grandparents and see them enjoy him. :) I'm looking forward to visiting again around Christmastime! 

Since Jenny and I started our #sundayisoursabbath besides driving home, Jon and I spent the rest of our Sunday resting and having family time. One of my favorite things to do is get in my PJs, cuddle up with Jon and watch a show in our room...WITH yummy snacks! Soren went to bed early last night so we were able to sit back and watch 4 whole episodes of Bones (we are in the early seasons so no spoilers please!) ;) before going to sleep. It was so wonderful!! -- I did however, wake up with a nasty cold this morning so I'm hoping and praying it doesn't get worse and that Soren and Jon don't get it! 


1. // Love this adorable video on how to make cute and easy treats for Halloween! 
2. // Also, Tati is one of my new favs on YouTube. I can't get enough of her channel! xoxo
3. // HGTV has TONs of adorable Halloween costume ideas for the little ones! 

Want to leave suggestions for future Coffee Talk posts?! Leave your thoughts below! Also, don't forget to share with us your favorite beverage for the season! :D


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How many people, blogs, resources, or books actually encourage you to take a break? Most of what I hear is a constant strive to "do more". Being lazy isn't where I'm going with this, but I do think we need to hear a lot more encouragement to slow down, take time to be silent, and to be content. Savannah and I really wanted to write one post a week that challenges you to take a break. Whether you choose to take a break from technology, from work, from shopping, whatever it is that you have a tendency to do all the time - take a break today. Every week we will be including an inspirational quote and a challenge for the day. Now, just so you know I'm not cheating at our own game, I actually wrote this post last night (Saturday night) so that I could take today off from work and blogging. 

THE CHALLENGE FOR TODAY: Paint your fingernails!

We'd love to see what you did for your challenge on Instagram either today - or tomorrow if you're taking a social media break! Use hashtag #sundayisoursabbath for a chance to be featured, to show us your pretty nails, and tell us a little bit about how you rested today. :) Love you guys and hope you have a restful Sunday.


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Let's talk about makeup!! It's no secret that I really, really love makeup and beauty products. The same way a kid would feel about a mega candy/toy store extravaganza is the same feeling I get when walking into a Sephora, Ulta, or the beauty section of a drugstore. Without exaggerating, I could easily spend 3-4 hours playing with makeup and looking at swatches in Sephora. Easily! It's something I love collecting, experimenting with, learning about, and teaching others about! That's probably the main reason I decided to start my own beauty channel on YouTube. 

I've been looking forward to putting this post together for you all week! Today I'll be sharing my top recommended drugstore picks so you can give your makeup bag a makeover for under $100! Which is an amazing deal, especially since you could easily leave Sephora with 1-3 products at that same price point. All of these picks are things I love and are not only highly recommended by me but by TONS of fellow beauty gurus. 


The reality is most women don't wear a lot of makeup, own TONS of beauty products, or really understand how to experiment. Have you ever found yourself stuck with the same old products in your makeup bag for years and years wanting to try something new but not sure where to start? Maybe you've never been into makeup but want to try experimenting?! Maybe some of your makeup has expired and needs to be tossed and replaced?? It can be overwhelming going into the beauty store to try and pick out new products, especially if you're not sure where to start. I've done the busy work for you and put together an incredible list of my top recommended drugstore picks. I consider all of these to be just as good as premium brands and in some cases better! If you're not into spending $$$$$ on makeup every time you turn around, don't fret! I've got you covered. ;) See what I did there?? 

I purchased all of these items at Target, Walgreens, and CVS. When you're ready to go in for your makeup bag makeover don't forget to check out the local ads to see what brands are on sale at your local drugstore. Most likely you can find some sweet buy 1 get one 50% off sales! Also look in your Sunday paper to clip coupons or your fav beauty magazine to score some GREAT manufacturer coupons. You can find great deals and easily get everything you need for a great price! 

So what's included in this makeup bag makeover?? Let's dig in. :) 


1. // Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation - This is probably my favorite foundation of all time. It has medium to full coverage, looks great AND has a pump so you don't use more product then you need. I love the way this looks on my skin and how it gives me a matte finish. 

2. // Rimmel Stay Matte Finishing Powder - At a whopping $5 this is the perfect powder to keep the shine down and set your foundation and under eye area.  

3. // Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - Incredible!! I've been searching for a great concealer for forever. This is lightweight, blends beautifully and is perfect for under the eye and other problem areas. Some have said it's a great dupe for the NARS concealers. IF you are having major problem areas (hiya zits!) you might want to find something a little heavier, but this is a fantastic everyday concealer especially for the under eye area. 

4. // Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso - LOVE this beautiful peachy/pink blush. Such a great color for SO MANY skin tones and is a must have for any makeup collection. I love the way this looks on my cheeks all year long. 


1. // Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows - These serve as great bases for your eyeshadow that will help hold your look in place without a primer. They can also be worn alone. I apply these with my finger and they are incredibly easy to apply and super long wearing. I LOVE the color tattoo in Barely Branded as a basic champagne shimmer and the new Leather Tattoo in Creamy Beige as a matte neutral taupe/brown. 

2. // Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner - I LOVE gel liner. This liner is one of my favorites too! It is easy to put on, jet black and lasts beautifully. I've had premium gel liners that are the exact same quality as this at twice the price. 

3. // The Nudes by Maybelline - This is one of their newer palettes and it's only $10!! What?! The colors range from matte to shimmer and have a beautiful variety of shades. These colors are not as highly pigmented as most premium brands but they are pretty close and for the price, a GREAT affordable product to add to your makeup bag. It's easy to travel with and on the back it shows you how to pair the shadows in duos, trios and quads. Easy peasy! 

4. // Eye Studio Quads by Maybelline - Another great Maybelline product. These shadows have a beautiful pigments and some in a variety of gorgeous shimmery and sparkly shades. If you want to add a little pop of color to your makeup bag, be sure to pick up one of these! There are some new fall edition ones that are beautiful too! 

5. // Miss Manga Mascara by L'Oreal - I've tried so many mascaras and this is one of my very favorites! It coats the top and bottom lashes beautifully and makes my lashes look like whoa! 


1. // Revlon Brow Fantasy - It's easy to spend some serious $$ on eyebrow products. Why? I have no idea. This little gizmo from revlon is great however! One end is a soft pencil to fill in your brows and the other end is a colored setting gel to set them in place ALL day. ;) 

2. // Milani Brow & Eye Highlighter - This is one of my new favorites. One side is matte and the other side is shimmery. Use this to highlight the corners of your eyes, under your brows, in your waterline to make you look really awake or to help shape out those brows. A great multi-purpose tool. 


1. // NYX Liner - Love this liner so much! I would highly recommend picking up their liner in nude and using it as a base for all of your lipsticks if you don't want to spend the $$ on matching all of your liners and lipsticks. This is a great basic to own. Shape out your lips and help make your lipstick/gloss last longer!

2. // NYX Butter Gloss - I am NOT much of a gloss girl but NYX butter glosses are hard to beat. They smell great, look great and feel great on the lips. I love Tiramisu especially paired with the Nude liner, but they have tons of colors to choose from and are around $5 each. Huzzah!

3. // Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks - I'm obsessed! These recently came out and I'm in love! They give you a beautiful matte finish and feel extremely creamy when you first put them on. They dry to a beautiful matte and last beautifully throughout the day. A lot of matte lipsticks don't apply very well and these are exceptional! I recommend picking up "A Touch of Spice" (very Kylie Jenner) and "Daringly Nude". 

Please note that prices can vary depending on your area and varied store sales. For this post I haven't included beauty tools such as brushes and sponges but for GREAT QUALITY brushes at an extremely fair price, I highly recommend trying out Real Techniques! I own several of their brushes and love them! 

How fun!! I wish I could go shopping with all of you! -- What are some of your favorite drugstore picks and "must-haves"?? Please share with us in the comment section below! I'm always up for trying something new! Have any questions?? I'm happy to help! Leave all of your questions below too! :) 

Want more beauty tips and tutorials?? Check out my beauty channel here! :) 


Author: Savannah Wallace // Photography: Maiedae
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